African Hops


During our travels to South Africa this winter we discovered that there are some pretty cool and unique hops grown there.  So we thought, why not bring some home…and so we did.  Four different varieties to be exact…African Queen and three experimentals.  Due to the small crop size in South Africa and the distance away these hop varieties are rarely seen in North America.  We are excited to try them out and over the next couple of months we will be releasing four different beers featuring our African Hops.  These beers will be part of our ‘Sundowner Series’…an ode to an African tradition!

An Early Christmas!

Christmas came early this year for Floyd, Larry, Daryl and Daryl in the form of some spent grains left from a batch of our Longpoint Lager.  Spent grain, the leftover malt and adjuncts after the mash has extracted most of the sugars, proteins, and nutrients, can constitute as much as 85 percent of a brewery’s total by-product.  But for these little guys its a delectable treat.  At this rate, they won’t be little for long!
These four little pigs are Kunekune a rare breed from New Zealand.  In the 1980’s there were only 50 pure bred Kunekune remaining.  They have since recovered in numbers thanks to a breeding program and are no longer extinct.  The word kunekune means “fat and round” in the Maori language.

Now Available!!


Maple Beef Jerky made by our friends at Bay Meats Butcher Shop in beautiful Thunder Bay. This unique jerky is crafted using our ‘Bootlegger Brown Ale’.
Bay Meats produces and sells only the highest quality, preservative free Canadian meat products.  It is located in the heart of Thunder Bays ‘Historic Finnish District’.
We are happy to collaborating with them and offering their fine products at our brewery tap room!